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sissy hypnosis

In this sissy hypnosis track, I take my foot off of the aggressive peddle (just a little bit) to turn you into my cock sucking sissy slave via hypnosis. Using sissy hypnosis and other hypnotic triggers (both overt and covert) I divert your sexuality into becoming MY gay slave. This cock sucking hypnosis MP3 will strip you of your delusions of heterosexuality. YOUR heterosexuality is a fallacy! I will banish it, and turn you into my gay cock sucking slave.

sissy hypnosis - cock sucking hypnosis - click here to listen

This cock sucking hypnosis track is intended for sissies, cuckolds, and closet cases. I give you a lengthy hypnotic induction to ensure that you fall completely under my hypnotic spell. This sissy hypnosis track is over 29 minutes long. You will become my gay slave puppet and amuse me.

This sissy hypnosis track is the first part in a full on sissy gay slave conversion program. Click on the banner or CLICK HERE to listen


I’m am alpha femdom, and as such, you loser bitches are at the bottom of the pecking order. There are varying levels to this pecking order, one of the most interesting, and not to mention sooooo freaking amusing, is the sissification brigade. Femdom sissification is one of my favourite past times.

I just love making you beta males into pretty girlies, particularly when I make you into my image! You are useless as a man, so why not go sissy? It seems the most useful thing to do. I know you love your forced sissification, and why not? You will do ANYTHING I say, I own you bitch, and whatever I order, you will do! Making you a sissy amuses the heck out of me.

And that is the positive attitude sissy beena takes! That bitch never thought about anything girly before he rang me. But within the space of a few weeks (and a little forced sissification) that beta male is now a pretty girl, and regularly dressed up in tutu and frillies and all things feminine, whilst prancing about on cam for me! I laugh SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! It actually hurts. Oh heck, you should see her rendition of Swan Lake BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

But sissy beena is now on her manmeat sucking training course, once finished, her sissification will be complete. I am teaching her various techniques by phone, and have even got that bitches gag reflex to withstand a 9” rubbercock. She only chokes on it 3 or 4 times a session now, bless her frilly tutu!

During her sissy training, I am also teaching her hypnotic triggers. I am putting these triggers deep into her brain, and her sissycock now only responds to thoughts of glistening juicy man meat. In fact, I have my bitch responding to some pretty funny and depraved triggers!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

sissy slut training

I love sissies! I am particularly entertained by very slutty sissies. I have a few girlies that are on my strict sissy slut training regime, and I regularly have them doing doing the most depraved, filthy things all for my amusement. In fact, me and my girlfriends regularly dress them up like the nasty cumdumpz they are.

Only 2 months ago one of my currently most impressive sissy slaves was a garden variety boring middle aged male with a standard job and a tedious marriage. He was the dullest shade of grey EVER! A total boring nerd man on his way to blandsvilles retirement. He used to visit my site lurking in the background. Then one day this wannabe slut plucked up the courage to call me and ask me if I had any sissy slut training courses.

Over the course of a month, I had him doing all kinds of scandalous sissy tasks whilst he worked hard on his sissy slut training. Most of which I can’t tell you because it’s part of my super secret sissy training regime that will turn even the flakiest of men into a cumchugging ‘ho bags. But, I had that bitch dressed up pretty, bent over, all holes exposed and entertaining many of my male and female friends, and all while completing many other sissy tasks.

Then it was exam time. Again, I can’t tell you what the exams consists of (sissy slut training secrets) but dirty bitch passed with flying colors…. and a popped cherry, all whilst me and my friends watched. I’ve never seen such a depraved ‘ho in my life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, too funny. In your face biatch! Woohoo.

Now, my bitch is out several nights a week earning her keep whilst entertaining the local big meat brigade. All funds earned come to me, minus her expenses on sexy underwear and clothes. It’s amazing how many panties a working girl will get through.

She is now one of my most impressive bitches and regularly makes me laugh with her slutty antics. I have her doing ALL kinds of things. But soon she will be having another test, stayed tuned for updates.

verbal humiliation

I love my life as a bitchy femdom, it’s awesome. Ever since I started giving you losers liberal doses of verbal humiliation, I’ve never laughed sooooo much in my life! You biatches are too funny! Take my newest dickstick loser, slave mickey. He’s an unwitting cuckold – his wife’s such a HUGE slut and he never knew. Guess which mean Mistress enlightened this dumb ass loser as to his wifes puzzydump antics?

I started off all sweet and innocent, because I needed information, I lulled him into a false sense of security. I had a feeling his wife was bending over for big meat, but I needed to manipulate this loser. Anyways, the information I got left me in no doubt as to what she was up to! HAHAHAHAA, he was soooo shocked, too funny. That’s when I let rip and showed my true verbal humiliation femdom attitude. This cuckold LOSER was totally mind fucked by me and left feeling like the small penis freak he is.

In fact, whilst I was verbally humiliating him for being a dumb cuckold, I broke him down and had him confessing what he truly wanted deep down… he dreamed of licking cock nectar from dear wifey’s puzzydump. He’s not sure if she will ever agree to it so I am concocting a cunning plan to for him sip it covertly HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s a very naughty plan that will have him being the truly dirty cumguzzler I want him to be!

When I got you numbnuts in my clutches, you losers will do ANYTHING for me! HAHAHAHAAH I find it hilarious, you are a bunch of fucktard monkeys and BDSM verbal humiliation is all you are good for. It’s your duty as a loser to entertain me. You know you have little else going for you, and you are nothing but a verbal punching bag for a mean humiliatrix like me!


femdom therapy

Right you bunch of fucktards, listen up. I have been inundated with your femdom therapy questions at ‘ask a bitch’.  I haven’t much time at the moment to get around to answering them, I am having far to much fun playing with you loser freaks on the phone.

But anywho, those who have mailed me seeking femdom therapy, here’s a tip – read the fucking rules morons! I know you dicksticks are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, but if you end up here you can read. I specifically state in rule number 1

1) Do not post 1 sentence questions. Learn how to phrase a question and be descriptive.”
Well, about 70% of the hundreds and hundreds of mails at my femdom therapy inbox consist of little more that 1 or 2 sentences. For those who sent them, slap yourself with a painfully sharp stupid stick, dumb asses. In fact, ring me so I can fuck you up and slap you viciously around the head with my verbal beat down.

For those of you who wish to entertain me (and other femdoms) via my femdom therapy Q&A, be descriptive. Give details. learn how to phrase a question. If you find that too hard, then stick your head down a fucking toilet for being such a dumb ass.

humiliation phone sex

Being a mean teen Mistress, I absolute LOVE humiliation phone sex! It’s sooooo much fun when losers call me up and I rip them a new one HAHAHAHA. I am particularly cruel as many of you will know. But when giving ample doses of male humiliation, you can’t just rattle off a load of abusive stuff and say any old nonsense.

Oh no, you got to get inside a losers mind during a humiliation phone sex session. I do have my ways of getting inside your head, but I’m not telling you how I do it. But I do enjoy giving a good mind fuck and to put dicksticks in their place. As a alpha Princess it’s what I’m born to do. I am so freaking awesome at it, just call me Casey beta male ego slayer! HAHAHAHA. Do you dare to get tangled into my cruel world? Too scared to? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well fuck your fear and call now biatch! It’s your duty to be my entertainment. Bring on the verbal humiliation!

Dominating men

Dominating men (and women, I’m bisexual) comes so easily to me. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been the leader of the pack, the alpha. I have always found myself dominating men one way or another.

I used to always be cruelly teasing the guys, and I still do. Dominating men who offer themselves or who show weakness in any way is the natural order of things. Just like I did with fuckstick Dave who called me the other day on Niteflirt.

The dickstick is a complete fuck up, and the harsher, crueler and more a mean Mistress I was to him, the more turned on and addicted he got, stupid asswipe. I totally stepped all over him and mind fucked him into confessing his dirty secrets. Now guess what this filthy male confessed? The dirty, disgusting loser admitted he often gives a ride home to various female work colleagues, but when he gets the car home he sniffs and licks the seat their asses have sat in, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! WHAT A LOSER!

Well, as you can imagine, I busted this vile old wrinkly’s ego apart. I ripped him a new one, and made him cry LMAO! As a mean Mistress, I found that to fucking funny. But even then he wouldn’t get off the phone. Dominating men as I do, he just couldn’t leave, he was totally addicted to my harsh male humiliation. I made him complete some hilariously humiliating tasks whilst he was on the phone, so much that I got my friends to listen to him doing them. We laughed our asses off sooooooooooooooo hard ALL NIGHT! The stupid bitch made a complete fool of himself in front of me and my friends and totally indulged in public humiliation because I forced him to! My friends are into dominating men also, so we all took turns giving him humiliating assignments and making him look like a complete pathetic nerd.

Dave the disgusting bitch has now been set some public humiliation tasks, and the fuckstick is doing them HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not going to say what they are yet, but they are too funny and humiliating for a loser like him, and lets just say, he the stupid loser has been totally humiliated by demanding mean bitches!


Small penis humiliation

For some reason, small penis humiliation losers seem drawn to me. Yeap, I am freaking hot with a super awesome bossy attitude, that puts losers in their place, whilst making their egos shrivel up smaller than their nut-sacks. And yeah, I know why you fucksticks are drawn to me, it’s your place in life to suffer loser humiliation, to suffer sph…. to suffer my cruel, teasing playful laughter mocking your shortcomings.

But do you small penis humiliation losers know why you are drawn to it? Most of you seem a bit to stupid to get it (guess dick size and brain size are really linked). Small penis humiliation is SOOOO much fun for a mean Princess like me, but the reason you skin tags enjoy it so much is because on some level you accept the natural order of things. You are a loser with an inept tool… traditionally cocks are designed to give pleasure, but obviously you can’t give pleasure as your nubbins are destitute of any pleasure giving properties. But what you lack on sexual prowess, you make up for in comedy!

Of course, us small penis humiliation Princesses are laughing at you, NOT with you. Of course, YOU are the butt of our jokes. But you should take some sort of weird pride in your complete lack of pelvic prowess. You are destined for a life of small penis humiliation – just fucking accept it bitch and call me now for a bit of good old fashioned humiliation phone sex and mocking ego destruction by a superior Mistress.


Women dominating men

When it comes to women dominating men, I often get asked if I believe women are superior to men. Some of you fucksticks might be surprised to hear that I don’t think women are superior to men. Nor do I think men are superior to women. You have to be an epically stupid moron to believe gender has anything to do with superiority. Awww, did you believe it? You are SUCH a dopey imbecile.  Women dominating men makes NO ONE superior, though it is more natural.

I strongly believe in the law of the jungle, Darwin and the natural order. Yes, women are statistically more intelligent than men, and when it comes to women dominating men, and domination in general, there are more submissive men than women. But I am an Alpha Princess and I dominate woman and men equally. You are all here to kiss my ass and worship the ground that I walk upon. You are a lowly subject there for my amusement and cruelty. Women dominating men, women dominating women, women dominating men AND women – whatever. The only rule you need to know is I FUCKING RULE, YOU DROOL! So get on your knees and worship Me biatch!

HAHA, I had a super slutty sissy bitch on the phone who goes totally faggy for sissy humiliation and forced feminization. I totally made that cock sucking bitch dress up like the dirty fucking whore she is. I made her wear the most ridiculous pink frilly panties and show me on cam HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed my ass off so hard it actually caused tears to run down my face.

I made the stupid sissy humiliation slut dance and prance around like a little dainty ballerina whose delicate feminine modesty was about to succumb to dark, dastardly and debauched 10” cock (her dildo). And it would of worked to, if the stupid bitch didn’t look like a fat, 6ft, hairy, micro dicked, chain smoking fag in desperate need of waxing session. The dirty bitch was toooooo fucking funny!

So, I am putting my sissy humiliation junky onto a diet of waxing and cocksucking. Regularly doses of cum in her face is all the nutrition her fat ass needs. The stupid slut needs to get her hairy butt to a salon quick sharp. HAHAHA, I am making the bitch do some epic public humiliation, as she will be wearing her chastity belt if front of the salon technicians HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The bitch will be on the phone to me at the same time so we can all laugh his faggy ass!

Then, for further sissy humiliation, it’s on to cocks, and I’ve given bitch some forced feminization tasks. But I’ll leave that for a later blog post. But total sissy humiliation awaits.

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