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HAHA, I had a super slutty sissy bitch on the phone who goes totally faggy for sissy humiliation and forced feminization. I totally made that cock sucking bitch dress up like the dirty fucking whore she is. I made her wear the most ridiculous pink frilly panties and show me on cam HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed my ass off so hard it actually caused tears to run down my face.

I made the stupid sissy humiliation slut dance and prance around like a little dainty ballerina whose delicate feminine modesty was about to succumb to dark, dastardly and debauched 10” cock (her dildo). And it would of worked to, if the stupid bitch didn’t look like a fat, 6ft, hairy, micro dicked, chain smoking fag in desperate need of waxing session. The dirty bitch was toooooo fucking funny!

So, I am putting my sissy humiliation junky onto a diet of waxing and cocksucking. Regularly doses of cum in her face is all the nutrition her fat ass needs. The stupid slut needs to get her hairy butt to a salon quick sharp. HAHAHA, I am making the bitch do some epic public humiliation, as she will be wearing her chastity belt if front of the salon technicians HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The bitch will be on the phone to me at the same time so we can all laugh his faggy ass!

Then, for further sissy humiliation, it’s on to cocks, and I’ve given bitch some forced feminization tasks. But I’ll leave that for a later blog post. But total sissy humiliation awaits.

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