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women dominating men

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humiliation femdom
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Women dominating men

When it comes to women dominating men, I often get asked if I believe women are superior to men. Some of you fucksticks might be surprised to hear that I don’t think women are superior to men. Nor do I think men are superior to women. You have to be an epically stupid moron to believe gender has anything to do with superiority. Awww, did you believe it? You are SUCH a dopey imbecile.  Women dominating men makes NO ONE superior, though it is more natural.

I strongly believe in the law of the jungle, Darwin and the natural order. Yes, women are statistically more intelligent than men, and when it comes to women dominating men, and domination in general, there are more submissive men than women. But I am an Alpha Princess and I dominate woman and men equally. You are all here to kiss my ass and worship the ground that I walk upon. You are a lowly subject there for my amusement and cruelty. Women dominating men, women dominating women, women dominating men AND women – whatever. The only rule you need to know is I FUCKING RULE, YOU DROOL! So get on your knees and worship Me biatch!

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